Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Monster Gold Deposit

The GemHunter rides to work along the Queen trench highway at the Donlin Creek giant gold deposit in 1988.
The Northern Miner (Feb 11-17, 2013) reported two monster gold deposits were discovered in Alaska, both in 1988. One, the Pebble deposit, contains gold along with base metals and the second, Donlin Creek in the Kuskokwim Mountains of Alaska is now classified as the largest undeveloped gold deposit in the world!

Comparing Donlin Creek to the Homestake gold mine in South Dakota. The Homestake was discovered in 1876 and mining began in 1878 ending 123 years later in 2001, only after the Homestake had produced 39.8 million ounces of gold. The Homestake was one of the longest listed stocks on the NYSE in history!

The Northern Miner (2013) now reports that the Donlin Creek property is a Monster Gold deposit discovered in Alaska in 1988. The property was reported as the largest undeveloped gold deposit in the world - with 43 million ounces identified to date, by the Northern Miner. This one deposit has drilled resources indicating that in hosts more than twice the amount of gold mined during the entire history of the Klondike and 125 times more gold than mined during the entire history of Wyoming.